Visiting Artisans

Bastard Forge and Curio performs live forge demonstrations and sells reasonably priced feast utensils as well as other miscellaneous hand-forged items.

Darkwater Arms and Armor is a company dedicated to quality craftsmanship for Dagorhir and other LARP game systems. We make weapons and armor for a fair and reasonable price!

Tired of boring popsicle-stick swords and the same old Harry Potter pixie sticks that break in a month? Foametheus: durable and different.

Forged Foam is your place for the best medieval combat gear. Over 50 years of medieval combat and weapon construction experience

Good Basic Garb specializes in foam fighting clothing and accessories; offering fairly priced inventory from quality artisans including:

All Spiritual Place, Anubis’s Defense, BadAss Garb, Brothers Cross Trading Co, Chase The Myth, Force of Giants LeatherGorgtechShorty’s Leather,  and Wetterworks Leather.

Heads or Tails, your beauty or beast outfitter!

Moonlight’s Garden is your one stop shop to a unique Herbal and Multi-cultural boutique.

The Prestige is your one stop shoppe for nearly all things LARP/Costume related, presented by Sutra Bahuas and Erra of Midnight Sun

Since 1919, Tandy Leather has been the resource for generations of leathercrafters, providing quality leather, tools, kits and teaching resources.

“When Looking Good is Not Enough”
Specializing in top of the line, custom historical and fantasy garb!
Gambesons, arming clothes, bocksten, generic, feast, and fantasy tunics, Rus, and gusseted pants, tunic dresses, sideless surcoats, cotehardies, corsets, fantasy based dresses, outerwear, winningas, semi-precious stone jewelry, demon and faerie fantasy wear, custom and Cosplay costuming, all time periods, and wedding garments

Cloaks, garb, chain jewelry, and other odds and ends.


Widow’s pelts and furs are all tanned with nonhazardous chemicals. These animals are often tapped because of overpopulation and their result of killing local farm animals. They are killed as humanly as possible or are a result from roadkill.

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