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  • Belegarth.com– Belegarth Website
    • Book of War-Belegarth Rule Set
    • Realm Locator- Find other practices
    • Forums- See news/updates
    • Events Calendar
  • Geddon.org– Belegarth Wiki
    • How to Build
    • Realm/Unit Info
    • Event Information/History
    • and More

Fighter/Non-Com Blogs

  • A Knight’s View by Sir Torry
    •  Longwinded tales from the frontlines and discussion of the strategies and mechanics of line fighting in Belegarth.
  • The Fighter’s Shadow by Shrike Fletcher
    • Belegarth war stories, fighting theories, and general musings from a non-com of many years.
  • Sorcia’s Packing List by Sir Sorcia Januri Alathea the Matriarch
    • This guide is a basic approach to camping at a Belegarth event. Disclaimer: This guide is not definitive and “common sense supersedes all loopholes”


  • Forged Foam

    •  Realm of Numenor, NPO volunteers/contributors – Sirs Kegg, Galin, and Piper.
  • Legal
    •  Realm of Numenor, NPO volunteers/contributors – Sir Kenneth.