Notice Bulletin

Effective December 10, 2019:

Sir Sarif Rogash’s rights and privileges as a Knight of Numenor are hereby suspended until (1) October 11, 2020; and (2) His attendance of a minimum of 24 Numenor practices so that the populace can observe that his troubling behavior has changed for the better.

Such suspension of rights and privileges include, but are not limited to the use of a heater, voting, access to the Knights of Numenor forum, and marshal privileges. During this suspension period, he is still expected to uphold the responsibilities of a Knight of Numenor, including but not limited to sportsmanship, service, and realm participation.

In addition, his marshaling privileges are suspended indefinitely until he completes an additional 10 practices of remedial marshal training(minimum 30 minutes per session) under the supervision of another Knight of Numenor.