Fighting & Schedule

Weapon Check


Pavilion across the street from troll as you enter our section of the park.

Weapons will be checked in accordance with the Belegarth Book of War and the national rules set.

All weapons will be checked everyday except:

Non-hinged Blues: These will be checked every other day. (So if you get your weapon checked on Thursday and your weapon passes then, you don’t have to get it rechecked until Saturday.)
Spears:     Just the first time
Shields:    Just the first time.
Rocks:       Just the first time.

Event Schedule

2:00 pm     Troll Opens

(Ongoing) Trade-Up Contest with Kodite & Aureus

2:00 am      Troll Closes

Event                                                                                                         Location

8:00 am      Troll Opens

10:00 am    Weapon Check Opens and Pickup fights begin

11:30 am    Missile Check Closes

12:00 pm    Weapon Check Closes, Marshaled Field Fighting Begins

                      Fundamentals of Archery with Sir Kyrian of Andor                   Weapons Check Pavilion

1:30 pm      Introduction to Heraldry with Sir Kyrian of Andor                           Feast Pavilion

5:00 pm (ongoing) Assassin’s Tournament with Eric Poulos

6:00 pm Chess Tournament with Sir Tails

7:00 pm      Viking Games hosted by Sir Kegg of Numenor                                  Feast Pavilion

2:00 am      Troll Closes

Event                                                                                                         Location

8:00 am     Troll Opens

9:30 am     Fighting Panel coordinated by Sir Trogdor of the Amyr                               Feast Pavilion

10:00 am     Weapon Check Opens, Pickup Fights begin

11:00 am    Bare Bones Spear Class with Sir Tails of Morva                                       Weapon Check Pavilion

11:30 am   Missile Check Closes

                    Intermediate Spear with Ton Berry of Valley of Ashes                            Weapon Check Pavilion

12:00 pm    Weapon Check Closes, Marshaled field fighting begins

                     Combat Archery with Sir Kyrian of Andor                                                   Weapon Check Pavilion

                     Swap Meet Hosted by Nasha of Clan of the Hydra (noon to 4pm)                   Feast Pavilion

1:30 pm     Introduction to Small-Unit Tactics Sir Kyrian of Andor                                       Feast Pavilion

3:30 pm Tournaments: single sword(3:30pm), 2 stick(4pm), sword and board(no flails, 4:30pm)

4:00 pm    Running a Realm and Problem Solving Squire Bukor of Uberwald                   Feast Pavilion

5:00 pm    Fundamentals of Monsterdom Jesus of Nan Belegorn                                       Feast Pavilion

6:00 pm     Feast (shepherd’s pie and sides)

7:00 pm     Undead Tournament Hosted by Reed Dykes                                                      Feast Pavilion

2:00 am     Troll Closes

Event                                                                                                         Location

8:00 am      Troll Opens

      Squire Horus’ Knight Trial followed by Ceremony                                       Weapon’s Check

9:00 am Squires Shroud and Takus’s Knighting                                                                                    TBD

10:00 am    Weapon Check Opens, Pickup fighting begins

                     Collegiate Tournament with Squire Talion                                                            Castle

Squire Zeke’s Knight Trial                                                                                        TBD

11:30 am     Missile Check Closes

12:00 pm    Weapon Check Closes, marshaled field fighting begins

12:30 pm     Belt Weaving Class with Hrist of Path of the Dragon                                      Feast Pavilion

3:00 pm       Red Sword Fighting with Dac of Ebon Light                                                Weapon Check Pavilion

3:30 pm Tournaments: open red(min red-polearm red, 3:30pm), spear(4pm), 7 man tourney (4:30pm)

4:00 pm       House Valkyrie Meeting                                                                                        Feast Pavilion

6:00 pm       Feast (Meat and veggie trays)

                      Garb Contest Hosted by Dame Volpen of Numenor                                         Feast Pavilion

Troll Closes

7:00 pm       Kumigarth Hosted by Salamander & Horde                                                    Fighting Field

11:00 am      Event Closes