Feasts are included in event fee!

  • Feasts are served Friday and Saturday Nights at 6pm
  • Feasts will be family style – no waiting in line! Grab your friends and fill a table to be served!

Be sure to remember your feast gear of plates, cups, forks, and other eating utensils.

Please note: Feast will provide a small number of vegetarian plates so please only partake if you have a restriction rather than just “it sounds tastier”.

As for other specific dietary restrictions, please message the head of feast for Friday and/or Saturday so they can verify the ingredients. THEY WILL NOT ALTER FEAST TO MEET YOUR RESTRICTIONS, however they can provide the ingredients so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should consume it based on your dietary needs.

If you are unable to eat feast or choose not to eat feast for whatever reason, we will not offer refunds. If you are still uncertain about the ingredients in feast, it is best to bring your own food you know you can eat just in case.

Friday Night Feast


Saturday Night Feast