Campground Questions:

How do I get to Oktoberfest?

Oktoberfest is held at:

Comlara County Park
13001 Recreation Area Drive
Hudson, IL 61748

Google Map

Are Minors allowed at Oktoberfest?

Rules for minors at Oktoberfest:

1)    A minor (age 16-17) must have a notarized and signed waiver to attend the event OR have a parent present at all times for the duration of the event and sign the waiver at troll.

2)     Minors must have a chaperone (21 years of age or older) present the entire event.

If  the chaperone must leave the event (regardless of  the duration of the absence), both the chaperone AND minor must leave.

3)     Minors under 16 are NOT allowed to fight, but still need a waiver. A waiver can be filled out here:

Minor Waiver

Is alcohol allowed at Comlara State Park?

No. Comlara Park is a county campground. As such, it is a dry site and no alcohol is permitted on the premises. Anyone found by law enforcement to be in possession or consuming alcohol will face immediate removal from the site.

Is firewood available?

Yes, there will be firewood available to purchase from troll. Only deadfall and purchased firewood are allowed. Absolutely no cutting of tree limbs or branches.

Additionally, unless you are in one of the designated areas, your fire pit must be elevated. DIGGING YOUR OWN FIRE PIT WILL RESULT IN BEING BANNED FROM THE PARK. Bringing your own elevated fire pit is acceptable, however you will have to remove it when you leave the event.

If you want a fire, you MUST bring your own elevated fire pit and take it with you when you leave. DIGGING YOUR OWN FIRE PIT WILL RESULT IN BEING BANNED FROM THE PARK.

Do the sites have picnic tables and firepits?

No, the camp sites do not have picnic tables and only a few have fire pits.

If you would like a table or chairs you will need to bring your own.

If you want a fire, you MUST bring your own elevated fire pit and take it with you when you leave. DIGGING YOUR OWN FIRE PIT WILL RESULT IN BEING BANNED FROM THE PARK.

I know I can't park on the grass, so where do I park?

After you check in at troll, please park in the large parking lot near the bathhouse at the south end of the campground.

Site Map

Event Questions:

I know the first thing I should do upon arriving is go to troll, but where is troll?

Troll is the large army green tent when you first enter the park. Don’t forget your government issued photo ID!

Site Map

How can I volunteer at Oktoberfest?

The signup to help at troll, weapons check, heralding, feast or security can be found here:

Volunteer Sign-up

I want to volunteer, but is there any special training I need?

Some volunteer positions do require training. Please contact the appropriate event coordinator list below:

Thank you for volunteering!

Event Staff

Is there a list of vendors/merchants?

Yes, you can find the list here:

Vendor List

Is there an event schedule/class schedule?

I want to teach a class/have a ceremony, who do I contact?


Please contact the Realm of Numenor – Oktoberfest Facebook page so we can put you on the schedule.

I won’t be able to make it to the event site until Friday night, will there still be room to camp?

Absolutely, come on down!

I lost my government issued ID and can’t get a new one before the event, what do I do?

Since a government ID is required to be presented at troll, if you lose yours please bring another form of ID such as a school ID or mail.

Also, please message the Realm of Numenor – Oktoberfest Facebook page. If we cannot find a way to verify your age, you will be required to wear a minor/underage wristband.

I’m vegetarian or have a dietary restriction, will I get a special meal for feast?

Don’t forget your feast gear (cup, plate, utensils)!

Feast menu information can be found here. Feast will provide a small number of vegetarian plates so please only partake if you have a restriction rather than just “it sounds tastier”.

As for other specific dietary restrictions, please message the head of feast for Friday and/or Saturday so they can verify the ingredients. THEY WILL NOT ALTER FEAST TO MEET YOUR RESTRICTIONS, however they can provide the ingredients so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should consume it based on your dietary needs.

If you are unable to eat feast or choose not to eat feast for whatever reason, we will not offer refunds. If you are still uncertain about the ingredients in feast, it is best to bring your own food you know you can eat just in case.

I don’t have a realm or unit/my realm or unit didn’t reserve a campsite, can I still camp?

No problem!

We will have an area dedicated to unaffiliated individuals (sampler platter) or you can find an area that isn’t reserved by a realm/unit and make friends with the people who camp nearby!

Event Cost and Pre-Registration:

I'm a non-combatant, do I still have to pay full price?

Yes, non-combatants pay the same price as combatants.

How do I pre-register?

Pre-Registration has closed for Oktoberfest 2018

You only pay the event fee for the day you plan to arrive. We do offer a long distance discount if you are traveling over 500 miles. In that case, select the long distance option for the day you plan to arrive. When you get to the event, your ID will be checked to ensure you qualify for the discount.

Help! I'm having trouble with prereg!

You only pay the event fee for the day you plan to arrive. We do offer a long distance discount if you are traveling over 500 miles. In that case, select the long distance option for the day you plan to arrive. When you get to the event, your ID will be checked to ensure you qualify for the discount.

1. Select your arrival date. If you are traveling from more than 500 miles away, select your arrival date including the long distance discount. In this example, “John Smith” is arriving on Thursday or Friday, and is not long distance.

2. Put in your Mundane first name followed by your last name in the first text box. This is REQUIRED. Please do not make us sad. In this example, “John Smith” correctly entered his name and did not make Numenor sad.

3. Put your Fighting name in the second text box. In this example, “John Smith” entered his fighting name as “Sir Cumference”. This step helps to ensure the correct John Smith is checked in at Troll. If you do not have a fighting name, do not fear! You can put your realm, unit, or hometown as an identifier.

4. Click add to cart. This is important! If you do not add it to your cart, you will not be preregistered.

5. If you have other people, return to shopping and then add them (including children).  (Upper right hand corner, “Continue Shopping”). In this example, “John Smith” is bringing a child and selected “Continue Shopping” and added his child’s prereg fee to the cart.

6. If you are a merchant, add 1 Merchant Fee to your shopping cart ($25, required by the park itself). If you are a food vendor, buy 2 Merchant Fees. ($50, required by the park itself). Put your Company name as your Mundane name.

7. Select the method you would like to use to check out, either PayPal or payment without a PayPal account, which allows you to use a credit or debit card.

8. For either method, fill out your payment information. In this example, “John Smith” has chosen to check out without a PayPal account.

9. Click the “Continue” button. This is important! You have not paid for your preregistration until you are directed to the payment confirmation screen.





10. Success! Your Oktoberfest preregistration payment went through! You will also receive a confirmation email to the email address you entered.

Note: For this tutorial an Android phone was used. If you are having trouble on your mobile device, please use a desktop computer.

Additional note – Preregistration is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. The realm plans its attendance based on its preregistration numbers and we buy supplies based upon your commitment to us. The $10 preregistration discount from the gate fee is made possible because your early commitment to us helps us plan the event. Thank you for being early supporters of Belegarth’s largest event in the world!



I preregistered, but now I can’t make it, what do I do?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds after preregistration is closed.

Please contact Realm of Numenor – Oktoberfest Facebook page if you have any questions.

I don’t see my name on the pre-registration list, what happened?

Please check your email for the confirmation receipt and give the website time to process your transaction. Contact the Realm of Numenor – Oktoberfest Facebook page if you are still having issues.

I preregistered, but my plans have changed and I’m no longer arriving on the day I planned, what do I do?

If you are arriving earlier than you pre-registered, you will need to pay the difference. If you are arriving later than you planned, unfortunately we do not offer refunds.

What time do the at the door prices change?

Troll is open until 2am. Entry prices change at 8am each day when troll opens.

I want to be a merchant at Oktoberfest. Is there a fee?

We would love to have you! There is a $50 fee for food vendors, all other vendors are $25.

This is IN ADDITION to your event fee. This is non-negotiable and mandated by Comlara Park. You can pay using the preregistration link or in troll upon arriving at Oktoberfest.

If you want to set up a vending booth for anything other than semi-medieval items, please contact the Realm of Numenor- Oktoberfest  Facebook page to ensure the booth is suitable.

(For example, a massage or henna booth is okay, selling used cars is not.)

Vendors are welcome to camp at/in their booth. It is a primitive site and there is not electricity available. Vendors are welcome to bring generators. 

Miscellaneous Questions:

I’ve noticed a problem at the event site, who do I contact?

Please find one of the event coordinators or go to troll and they will pass on your message. The event coordinators can be found here:

Oktoberfest Coordinators

I forgot to pick up my t-shirt or hoodie, who do I contact?

Please contact the Realm of Numenor- Oktoberfest Facebook page.

I lost something at the event, who do I contact?

If the event is still ongoing, there is a temporary lost and found in the weapon’s check pavilion (usually for abandoned weapons) and a permanent lost and found in troll.

The weapons check pavilion lost and found is brought to troll at the end of the day. After the event, lost items will be posted on the event page for people to claim. If it is a personal item (such as a wallet or phone) we will attempt to contact you, or you can message the Realm of Numenor – Oktoberfest Facebook page.

I loved Oktoberfest. Where do I find out the details for next year?

We are happy you had a great time!

Information on Oktoberfest will be posted on this website as well as at the Realm of Numenor – Oktoberfest Facebook page for details about next year’s event.

I have a question other than what is listed above?

Please send a message to the Realm of Numenor – Oktoberfest Facebook page or email uiucbelegarth@gmail.com and someone will promptly answer your question.