Event Staff



Squire Ryno & Squire Kharylle

Head Herald:   TBD

Head of Weapons Check:    TBD

Head of Troll:    TBD

Friday Feast:   TBD

Saturday Feast:   TBD

Head of Tournaments:   TBD

Classes/Volunteer Coordinator:    TBD

Garb Contest:    TBD

Heads of Security:   TBD

Volunteer at Oktoberfest!

DID YOU KNOW: Attendance at Oktoberfest 2017 was nearly 1000.

With so many moving parts we could always use a helping hand.

Please consider spending some of your time at Oktoberfest helping to keeping things running smoothly!

Volunteers can assist with Troll, Heralding, Feast preparation, Weapon Check, and Security.