Event Cost & Pre-Reg


(Closed Sept 20th at 11:59 PM)

Wednesday:   $35
Thursday:   $30
Friday:   $30
Saturday:   $20


(Cash only)

Wednesday:   $45
Thursday:   $40
Friday:   $40
Saturday:   $30


Children Age 6-15:        $15
Children under Age 5:      Free

*   Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed to fight but must:

  1. Bring a notarized & signed waiver to the event – – or – – have a parent present the whole time at the event and sign a waiver at troll
  2. Have a chaperone (age 21 or older) present the entire event. If the designated chaperone must leave the event, both the chaperone AND minor must leave


General Merchandise:        $25 + Regular Event Fee

Food Vendors:                     $50 + Regular Event Fee (Requires Illinois Food Safety Certificate)

Long Distance Discount: $10 off entry fee

To be eligible, a photo ID with address greater then 500 miles from Comlara State Park, must be presented at Troll. Only valid state IDs with address will be accepted.

Exception: Children 6-15 coming from greater than 500 miles are $10 (flat rate)